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The significance of household hygiene

Cleanliness starts at home.

Basically, what is hygiene? Well, hygiene is a basic practice that helps to reduce the possibility of our bodies coming into touch with germs that are harmful to our health. Personal hygiene is a crucial thing to do in terms of maintaining our health, which is reinforced if we also take care of the cleanliness of the settings in which we travel, specifically our own house.

Why hygiene is so important?

Germs and bacteria can grow in a variety of environments and situations, but some situations favour their growth and spread. Normally, they rapidly grow and spread in the atmosphere under typical temperature settings, and favour water and air to grow and spread.

Any item can become the ideal environment for the growth of germs that are harmful to our wellness. Viruses and bacteria can hide in floors, rugs, furnishings, door panels, telephones, and even television controls. As a result, while it is essential to pay attention to the cleanliness of the entire home, there are two areas that require more effort when cleaning: the kitchen and the bathroom.

Why cleaning the kitchen is so important?

Talk about the kitchen, it is basically a space where we prepare and cooks the food that will provide us with the energy to carry out our everyday tasks. However, if we do it in an unsuitable setting, food can become a carrier of germs which means that we're putting our health in danger.

The kitchen contains a number of potentially risky elements, including wet spots (the sink and dish drainer), cleaning supplies (scourers, wipes, and kitchen cloths), and even the surfaces on which food is made. (cutting boards, table and utensils). In addition to washing these surfaces and objects on a regular basis, it is critical to pay careful attention to the cleanliness of food, particularly those that do not require preparation, such as fruits and veggies.

And the one in the bathrooms?

Bathrooms are another setting in which we need to apply extreme caution. Every day, we carry out our physiological requirements there, and we use them to maintain our body's cleanliness. Hot and humid conditions in bathrooms, like those in the kitchen, encourage the growth of germs.

Several risk factors cohabit in this environment, such as damp surfaces (the bathroom and the commode) and items that are typically wet and can produce germs in these scenarios.(towels and bathroom rugs). As in the kitchen, maintaining consistent cleanliness and adequate airflow to allow for air regeneration and humidity evaporation is essential in bathrooms.

Helpful tips:

  • Maintain ideal hygiene conditions on all cooking surfaces. Clean the basin, dish rack, and kitchen surfaces and items on a regular basis. It is also necessary to clean and sanitise the trash can and the surrounding area.

  • Change and thoroughly sanitise the cleansing components. Kitchen towels should be replaced on a daily basis. The same is true for scourers and bayettes, which must be cleansed and replaced on a frequent basis.

  • The bathroom should be spotless. It is critical to clean and disinfect the bathroom, sink, and lavatories on a regular basis to prevent the chance of germs growth. At the same time, frequent ventilation of the area is required to allow moisture to escape.

  • Dry any items used for bodily cleaning. It is critical to arrange the towels to air after each use. Furthermore, it is recommended that each individual have a towel given to them for personal use.

  • The hands are clean. Our palms, which come into touch with various surfaces and items at all times, can be the first cause of bacteria transfer. As a result, it is best to sanitise them with soap and water every time we contact a potentially hazardous area.

When it comes to keeping surroundings free of bacteria and germs, as well as having an understanding of how to use the right elements to achieve that accuracy, it is often best to leave this job to experts.

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