ecoCare Hygiene Services Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Biofresh Hygiene) is an established washroom hygiene specialist since 2002. With a wide industry range of clienteles in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, ecoCare Hygiene is one of the leading hygiene specialists that provide excellent customer service and hygiene related products.

ecoCare Pest Control Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Pest Paramedics) is an established 

ecoCare is a company that sincerely understands the needs of its clients. This company strives to make sure that its clients are satisfied with the variety of quality products and services that it offers. Be it a small establishment or a big factory, ecoCare is able to customize its package according to the requirements of each business.

Your Sincere Partner Towards a Fresh Washroom Hygiene Environment

We achieve this by 3 simple commitments:
1. To truly and sincerely understand our client’s needs
2. To provide customers with the proper solutions to their washroom needs
3. To offer our best services and products

What do we mean?

At Biofresh, we recognize that our clients are unique in their challenges and needs. That is why, whether our customer is a small establishment or a big corporation, Biofresh is happy to customize our service package and solutions according to the requirement and needs of each individual customer.

To ensure that our customers are truly satisfied with our highly personalized service, Biofresh has highly trained and friendly staff to meet the one-to-one needs of its customers. From the time you enquire about our services, to our initial and follow-up visits, you will find that Biofresh personnel is ready to listen, understand and offer solutions that are just right for you.

We are also committed in providing you innovative products that are of high quality, cost effective and with consideration to the environment. To that end, we work with partners and suppliers who are leaders in their industry.

Consumers and customers today are becoming more demanding in their expectations of washroom hygiene standards. Furthermore, they are becoming more unfazed with overexcited sales pitches that promise “everything” but deliver underwhelming results. So, when our customers engage Biofresh, they are often “surprised” at our simple, straightforward dedication to our 3 commitments.

That’s why, today, Biofresh has a strong portfolio of clientele across a wide variety of industries and business sectors.

Biofresh believes that our relentless commitment to these guiding principles has helped us to provide our customers with a fresh washroom hygiene environment.